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With Reprise, after care is not an after thought!


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Our Philosophy

Nursing is a calling – whereby we share our hearts and minds. We enjoy helping others. Nurturing patients renews our spirits. This is not true for all medical providers. Often the focus is on skills and medication. We believe optimal healing involves more than that. Committed caretakers also interact on an emotional level. We provide a therapeutic, empathetic environment that aids the healing process by decreasing anxiety and harnessing your energies for healing.

Reprise offers post-surgical care to those having outpatient facelift, breast implant surgery in San Diego, California. If your surgeon has deemed it appropriate to discharge you following your surgery and you are in need of care beyond what can be given by friends and family, we may be a great option for you as you recover from breast surgery, abdominoplasty, a mommy makeover, etc.


Eva Tutic, MBA, CNA hails from Toronto, Canada. Her parents emigrated from Eastern Europe – her mother from Hungary and her father from Croatia. She credits her strong work ethic to this immigrant background and it has also given her the ability to relate to people of all cultural backgrounds. She can also speak English, Hungarian, Croatian, and communicates in French.

After graduate studies in business, she had a successful career in international business as a project manager and process engineer. While leading a project in East Africa to organize the relief aid, she realized that she was more intrigued by human needs than simply achieving business objectives.

Shortly after immigrating to the US in 2009, she followed her heart and began to prepare for a new career where she could be more personally involved in caring for others. She became a Certified Nursing Assistant and founded Reprise. She now is able to give back to others by combining her passions, caring for others and doing so with consistency and quality.